Thick, rich and undefined eyebrows are a must nowadays.  In 2018 this trend is driven to the extreme and wearing the masculine, so-called “Bushy Eyebrows” is a must. The reason: rich eyebrows reflect a strong personality.

Among the celebrities with the most beautiful natural eyebrows we find Cara Delevingne, Sofia Vergara and Taylor Hill.

Fashion shows are perfect for seeing the most trendy eyebrows. Andreea Diaconu showed us at the Spring/Summer Balmain show 2018 the most natural and beautiful eyebrows.

For the less fortunate who want rich eyebrows, the following steps are to follow:

  • before going to sleep massage or brush the eyebrows with castor oil
  • massage with Aloe Vera Gel
  • use Vitamin E capsules by applying the content on eyebrows before going sleep
  • cover bald eyebrow patches with a brow crayon
  • use mascara for eyebrows for a more defined look

Taylor Hill masculine eyebrows 2018

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Kaia Gerber bushy eyebrows 2018

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Sofia Vergara eyebrows 2018 trend

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Andreea Diaconu natural eyebrows 2018 Balmain show

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