There’s nothing is more difficult than to throwing away a sweater that you can’t wear from various reasons: you’ve grown and it’s too small or it has a stain somewhere. You cannot give it up no matter what, so you keep it in the closet, hopping that it will come a day when you will use it again.
Here’s an idea: Make some warm gloves that everyone will admire. Here are some steps in creating the gloves you’ll adore.

1. Turn the sweater inside out on flat surface.Put your hand on one of the side edges of the sweater and trace around it with a marker adding around half-inch all the way around your hand.
2.  Cut but leave an inch or two of fabric around it.
3. Sew on the marker traces.
4. Remove the excess fabric. Don’t cut too close because it may fall apart.
5. Flip over and admire your new gloves. You can decorate them with buttons or with whatever comes into your mind.


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