Most of us value more handmade than machine made things because of their unicity. We appreciate the work and the soul invested in an unique product and we are willing to pay more for a handcrafted product. Buying handmade goods allows you access to the skills of artisans from any corner of the world. If you love painting, you’ve probably been thinking about putting your creative ideas on a t-shirt or jeans. You can find inspiration in the many patterns available on the internet.

To put your ideas into practice you will need the following materials:

  • T-shirts or any other light- colored outfit- preferably cotton.
  • Textile dye or textile markers- they can be purchased from any store with painting materials or even at DIY stores. There are textile markers even at IKEA.
  • Brushes – preferably buy a very thin one to outline what you want to paint and a thicker one to fill the contour.
  • A glass in which you dilute the color if you choose to work with textile paint.
  • A board to insert under the first layer of material to prevent the color to spread on the back surface.

Textile Markers IKEA handmade t-shirt

Tips to make your color last:

  • After you finish drawing your fabric, let it dry (if you’re impatient you can rush the process with a hair dryer).
  • Clothes should be left to dry at least 1 hour (the same procedure is applicable for both liquid paint and markers).
  • After drying,  iron the fabric in order to fix the color.
  • For the drawing to last as long as possible it is recommended to wash the fabric at max. 40 degrees.
  • As time passes, the paint will not have the same intensity as it had at the beginning, but be sure it will last a few years.
  • You can refresh the drawing anytime.

Here are some of my handmade creations:

Handmade sheep t-shirt

feather handpainted t-shirt

Handpainted t-shirt poppy flowers

Winnie the Pooh handmade t-shirt