Every woman dreams of a perfect dressing room. Here are some tips and tricks, ideas and storage options for pieces of clothing and accessories that are found or should be found in a dressing.
Whether you choose a regular closet and turn it into a dressing room or as you build a niche in the wall, it needs to have more compartments of different sizes to suit every product.
Also, since this is not very much space, maximize and exploit every corner.
When you organize your dressing you should consider spaces for  clothes on hangers and for clothes that go folded, and obviously for shoes. These three are the most important and indispensable storage methods.
Socks and ties are best stored in small cubes” or spaces made using plastic dividers inside drawers. In this way they do not tangle; the same is applies to jewelries.
Another idea is to label your drawers or storage boxes. Thus, it will be much easier to find what you want.
Dirty laundries need a space of their own. You can easily mask them into a special compartment, preferably sliding, like the rest of drawers for quick access.
One suggestion through which you can let the dressing “breathe” is to store seasonal clothes. Depending on the season, store the clothes you do not use elsewhere, such as on the balcony, under the bed, or any other room.dressing organize dressing room ideashow to store chlothes dressing room